3 Reasons We Say “YES!” When the Banks Say “No”

We didn’t name ourselves YES Leasing for no reason! We like to write commercial equipment leases, so we do everything we can to approve your lease application. Banks and other lenders, on the other hand, too often say “no”. Their cookie cutter model is outdated – they refuse to look at variables beyond their excel spreadsheet. Enough with this! We look beyond formulas to understand your business and how the equipment you are looking for will make your company stronger and more profitable. If your bank...
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We’ve had another record month!

Well, this almost embarrassing. Again, last month, we leased a record amount of equipment throughout Florida. Not bad for a company that started in a garage. In this last month alone, we leased:
  • Peterbilt and Freightliner tractors.
  • Great Dane refrigerated trailer.
  • Skid steer
  • Concrete pump
  • Dewatering system
  • Kubota Tractor
  • Clark forklift
  • Translist modular home transporter.
  • Bobcat track and wheel loaders
  • Bobcat mini excavators.
  • And much, much more!
We're proud that many of these leases were to repeat lessees, because once you've been a customer of YES Leasing, you know that our quick turnaround and knowledgeable approval process benefits you. So...
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The Reality

Look. The reality is that good equipment costs real money and often a good company simply comes up short. This could kill your business if you let it. There is a better way at YES Leasing. We manage the risk and can turn a missed opportunity into a good deal for you. We have done it time and time again over our 40 year history. Send us an application today!...
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How has your new year been?

We're off to a great start! We just funded a $100,000 Freightliner crew cab, with 4x6 offroad capabilities and a custom 24 foot flatbed. If we can fund that monster, we can certainly fund your equipment. Our one-page application only takes a minute to complete. Click the link to the right. Or just call our office and our bilingual staff will be glad to assist you. Let YES Leasing be your leasing partner, and we will all have a great year....
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Some things just weren’t meant to be fast.

But your lease application should be!

Sure, turtles and glaciers like to keep things slow. And you never saw a sloth run the hundred-yard dash. But when you submit your lease application to YES Leasing, we get to work on it fast. Whether it's for construction equipment, forklifts, trucks, or whatever commercial equipment you need, our dedicated sales team works on it immediately. You'll always have rapid feedback on your application. Better still, an approved deal gets funded right away, because we are the funding source. So get it...
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Make the First Move

All successful businesses had to make that first move. Walt Disney sketched Mickey Mouse while riding on a train. Debbie Fields offered free chocolate chip cookies to interested customers. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to focus on computers. They all had to start somewhere. They all had obstacles to overcome. Business owners know that lack of financing can be the biggest hurdle. YES Leasing can solve that problem. We made our first move over 40 years ago. We established ourselves as the premiere equipment lessor in...
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Every Piece of Equipment Tells a Story

To a multinational financing company, a piece of equipment is just collateral, a number on a sheet of paper somewhere. But YES Leasing knows that it's more than that. A forklift can be what a furniture company in Miami needs to open a second location. A backhoe in Orlando will allow a construction company to accept a large government contract. The stories go on and on. So if you're dealing with lenders that don't know the true value of equipment to your client's business, then send an  Read more

People like stability.

We should know. Bill Heiden started leasing equipment over 40 years ago, and helped a lot of small businesses in Florida get their start. Wheel Leasing grew by respecting the needs of lessees, vendors and brokers. In 2012, Bill's son-in-law, Adam Koffler, bought the company. We may have a new name, but we still hold to the same principles of respect and fair dealing. We're still in Miami. We're still family owned. We're still offering start up companies and people with troubled credit the chance to...
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We earn our reputation every day.

At Y.E.S. Leasing, we have a reputation for looking beyond mere credit scores, for seeing the potential in a business, and for funding those equipment leases the banks can't. We've earned our reputation every day for over 40 years, and we're still earning it, one lease at a time. Give us a chance to fund your lease. Click on the button on the right for an application, or just call our office at 305.892.6444. You'll be glad you did. We stake our reputation on it.  ...
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Think Big.

Small businesses traditionally haven't had the access to resources like larger ones. At Y.E.S. Leasing, we believe that the freedom to select your own equipment and the reliability of quick financing shouldn't be limited to the big companies. At Y.E.S., every client is important. Deal with the company with the big approach today! Click our application on the right and send it in! Big things can happen. ...
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